Branding Design, UX and Prototyping


This Project specifically focused on Designing a Monogram based on using my own initials "SD" representing my first and surname.
It was important to bring across my own personality to my brand.


I researched examples monograms and wordmarks online. I completed mood boards on Pinterest of well known brands and interesting Monograms as inspiration. These showed me how I can make mine stand out on paper.


I began making different sketches on paper of my personal brand such as my monogram and wordmark. I started off doing this in black and white before digitalising the drawings on figma and adding colour. I took my time to plan and develop my brand the way I wanted it to.


Below our examples of my brand with different colours.


I really enjoyed this project and I am happy with the final outcome. I feel my Monogram and wordmark represents me well. At least I can say I have my own personal branding now. I experimented with my brand by seeing what it looked like on t shirts, business cards, letters, websites, phone cases, etc.
Overall I feel I can always improve and better myself. By further developing my skills the better and more confident I will be with my own designs.